If you are buying a home, YOU HAVE THE LEGAL RIGHT to select the title company of your choice.  We understand that this is one of the biggest transactions that you will make in your lifetime and we will be your partner throughout the process and beyond.  Rest assured, an attorney will oversee your transaction from start to finish.

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Title is evidence that a person (or entity) has legal ownership of property. Title Insurance is a policy that protects you from another person or entity claiming a legal right to own or put a superior lien on your home. Your Owner’s title policy is paid once at settlement and protects you for as long as you own your home. While a title search and examination are performed in the transfer process, title insurance is designed to protect you from hidden title defects and items that cannot be discovered even with the most thorough title search.


Our title company has different functions for the many different parties involved in the transfer and financing of a property:

FOR THE PURCHASER: Our main role for the purchaser is to insure that the seller has the legal right and authority to sell the property. If there is an estate or a company involved in the sale, we have to verify that anyone signing in an agency capacity has the authority to do so, and that there are no other interested parties who could later make claim to the property. We also make sure that any of the seller’s mortgages, unpaid taxes, and any potential liens are satisfied and cleared so that the purchaser can enjoy what is called “clear title”.

FOR THE SELLER: We make sure that any current mortgages or liens that are paid at the time of settlement are released of record so that no subsequent action needs to be taken to by the seller. We also prepare the tax forms associated with the sale, if necessary, for the seller’s tax preparer.

FOR THE BROKER/REAL ESTATE AGENT: We pride ourselves on early and ongoing communication with the brokers involved in the transaction, so that we can all be on the same page when it comes to the contract of sale. Our attorneys review the contract as soon as we receive it so that we can alert the agents if there are any discrepancies or items that need to be addressed to maintain the integrity of the contract.

FOR THE LENDER: Most often a purchaser will finance the purchase through a mortgage that is executed at the settlement along with all the other documents. Because of their investment in the home, lenders require a title insurance policy for themselves that will protect them up to the loan amount. Most lenders require a title report and insurance commitment before any final approval can be issued to provide funds. We provide that commitment very soon after the purchaser decides who they want to use for financing, and act as the escrow agent for the funds to be used at purchase.


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